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Private 1-1 Weight Loss Coaching-15 % off all sessions and packages scheduled in January!

What is Weight Loss Coaching?

Weight loss coaching is like having your own private mentor and adviser on your weight loss journey. Maybe you aren't sure where to begin? Or perhaps you are simply sick of the chronic dieting that never seems to get you where you want to be. Private Weight Loss Coaching is the opportunity to sit down with your Holistic Health Coach and talk about YOU. Whether you know exactly what your goals are or you have no idea where to begin, your health coach is there to answer questions, clarify goals, and really explore the ins and outs of weight loss. The fact is that one diet isn't right for everyone and one approach isn't going to work for each person. Find out what is going to work for YOU.

Is Private 1-1 Weight Loss Coaching Right For ME?

I like to be completely honest with my clients because I believe that is the best way to achieve your goals. I know that your time is valuable, as is mine. Each season, I accept between 5-10 private coaching clients, based on whether or not I believe we would be a good fit to work together. While I believe that health coaching can be beneficial for almost everyone, I do not believe that MY weight loss coaching is the best fit for everyone. In order to help you determine if working with me is the right fit, I have provided a guideline below:

~You are a chronic dieter and have tried 2 or more diets in the past

~You are a woman

~You are committed to making a change

~You are READY to invest in you

What happens when I become a client?

When I accept a new client into my private weight loss coaching program, I like to begin by hearing all about YOU. What's your story? I like to begin by having you complete some paperwork for me, telling me all about your journey. This is done before your first session and allows me time to learn a little more about you so that I can get some ideas of what direction the coaching session may take. 

During our first session, which lasts about 1 hour- 1 1/2 hours, I like to sit down together, enjoy a cup of tea and spend time getting to know you. Together, we start to create a road map for where you are and where you want to go. 

In between our sessions, I will do some work behind the scenes, based on your goals, in order to set the stage for our next session together. This allows you to get the most from each session, as your session time is focused on you and your goals. 

Private Weight Loss Coaching Packages:

Discovery Session


This is ONE session where we sit down together and discover if this would be a great fit for you. Share your story, have all of your questions answered and get some helpful tips about moving forward with your weight loss goals. 

Package # 1: Celebrate

3 Sessions...$597

Package # 2: Empower

6 Sessions...$1140

Package # 3: Freedom

12 Sessions....$2160

Not sure if Private Coaching is the best option for you? Check out my 

Group Coaching Program, Wild Soul Healing Weight Loss Program.

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