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Wild Soul FAQ

How long is the program?

The Wild Soul Group Coaching Program is an online learning program. You can access the program and move at your own pace. 

What is the time commitment to participate in the program?

Life can be busy and hectic! With that in mind, Wild Soul is designed to accommodate each woman accordingly. Each woman can move at her own pace through the program. 

If Wild Soul is NOT a diet, what is it?

Wild Soul is a healing weight loss program. It is not a diet and will not provide you with a scheduled eating program. There are not a list of rules and regulations. It will address your eating style, WHY you eat, HOW you eat, and what your relationship is with food. What it does do is guide you through a journey of self-discovery so that you can rediscover the joy in eating, your passion for food, love for yourself and your body. It will allow you to take a different look at weight loss. All participants will receive information on self-care, mindful eating practices, self-love, healing movement and much more!  

What's the difference between Wild Soul and Private Health Coaching?

Wild Soul is a group program. It gives women the opportunity to empower each other and to offer each other accountability. A group approach "let's the cat out of the bag," so to speak and calls out fat-shaming. Too many women struggle with weight loss, poor self-image, and the resulting shame that goes with it. Wild Soul brings you out of the dark and let's you see the light.

Private Weight Loss Coaching with Jenny can either go along with Wild Soul or it can be used as a stand alone service. Jenny accepts 5-10 private coaching clients per season. Women who are interested in private coaching can email Jenny directly to see if coaching is the right fit for them.

What type of support do I receive during the program?

For participants in the Wild Soul Program, you have the opportunity to email Jenny with individual questions during the program. 

When is Wild Soul Offered?

Wild Soul is offered 2-3 times per year, depending on the number of participants. Currently, sessions are scheduled to begin in January , April , and September 2018.

When is payment due?

Payment is due when you register for the program. Payment is expected in full when registering.

What is the REFUND POLICY?

Refunds are granted within a reasonable time frame from the purchase of the program. Refund details are given in full upon registration.

Can I share the program with a friend?

No. All program and coaching materials are copyrighted and are intended for registered participants only. Sharing materials constitutes stealing. 

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