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Super Spa Girl, LLC

Greensburg Massage Specialists

Welcome to  Super Spa Girl

Super Spa Girl was founded in 2009 by Jenny Keffer. Jenny had just had her second child and she wanted to start offering massage therapy again but she also wanted the freedom to be with her children.   "As a child, I always dreamed of being a mother. In fact, when people would ask me what I wanted to be when I grew up, that was always my answer-a mother. When I found massage therapy, I fell in love. It's been an amazing 20 years as a Massage Therapist, most of those spent right here in Greensburg."

Super Spa Girl was a traveling spa party business that grew rapidly into a brick and mortar location. The first location quickly grew into a larger space. As the business grew, so did the Keffer Family. Jenny added four more children to her clan. " I have clients who have been seeing me for 15 or more years. I joke and say, who was I pregnant with when you started coming for massage? It's my way of keeping track of time!" 

In 2020, Jenny's husband Elmer, came along side her in the business. They began making plans for the future of their business and what they envisioned for the future. 

" I grew up in Greensburg. I always knew that this is where I would make my home. Jenny and I have a love for holistic and alternative health. Massage is definitely a huge part of that but it's more. A few years ago, we both fell in love with floating. Since then it has been our dream to bring floating to our community. We started thinking about how to make that happen. And, all of the sudden, we were planning a holistic healing center- a community hub where you can find a variety of holistic and alternative services under one roof- specialty massage, float therapy, nutrition, Reiki, and more. That's our dream. We still aren't sure how it's going to play out but we're working towards that. Not just for the community we love but most importantly, for our children. We want to build a better community for our children, "  Elmer said.

Super Spa Girl currently offers massage therapy and wellness services. What's on the horizon? Super Spa Girl is growing! In the coming months, we will be offering sauna services, float therapy, and a signature weight loss and fitness program.

Jenny and Elmer live in Latrobe with their 6 children (Rachel, Henry, Amelia, Phoebe, Abigail, and Beatrice,) three dogs (Lucy, Toby, and Butters,) a cat named Pete, one fat cat named Gary and a bearded dragon named Princess Pickles.

Who do we work with?

Our guests are looking for PAIN RELIEF.

Our guests are looking for STRESS RELIEF.

Our guests believe in investing in themselves and schedule REGULAR APPOINTMENTS.

Our guests are professionals, desk jockeys, athletes, stay-at-home Moms, Grandmas, men, and women.

 Our guests want a team of licensed, professional massage therapists that "get" that their needs are unique.  

Our guests are looking for therapists who go beyond what is expected and step outside of the box to achieve quick, lasting results. 

Our guests know that they deserve the best massage and they know where to find it. 

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