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"Awaken to your soul's purpose"

Who takes care of YOU? We do.

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~our massage products are organic, vegan, and hypoallergenic

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Massage in Greensburg offers custom sessions with deep tissue techniques, massage cupping, hot stones, and mindful bodywork.

Custom Massage Session

A Super Spa Girl one-of-a-kind Signature Massage experience.

At Super Spa Girl, our Greensburg Massage Specialists believe that your massage session should be as unique as you. Our therapists take the time to discover what your wants are for your session in regards to pressure (light, medium, deep, extremely deep), aromatherapy, and areas of special concern. Our therapists identify what your goals are for your session (pain relief, relaxation, stress management, wellness) so that your session can be customized FOR YOU so that we get to know what will create the perfect session for you.

Complimentary with every session: Aromatherapy, Hot Towel Service, Heated Tables, Beverages, Relaxation Room to enjoy before and after your session.

Cupping is also complimentary and *may be added at the discretion of your therapist.

60-90-120 Minutes

$75 / $95 / $135

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Greensburg deep tissue massage.

Back Be Nimble

Not just a back, neck, and shoulder massage, THE back, neck and shoulder massage. Our soon-to-be famous Back Be Nimble delivers a highly focused massage session that concentrates on the areas that concern you the most. Chronic pain, long-held tension, and stress are no match for this massage experience. The therapist will use a variety of techniques that may include: hot stones, muscle balm, hot towels, deep tissue massage, Russian Sports Massage techniques, and trigger point therapy.

45-60 Minutes


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Greensburg Massage Studio offers deep massage as Ashiatsu DeepFeet Bar Therapy

Ashiatsu Fusion

"The Deepest, Most Luxurious Massage on Earth"

For some people, a light massage is ok. For everyone else, there is Ashiatsu. Discover why guests who try Ashiatsu swear they will never go back to a general, deep tissue massage again. During an Ashiatsu session, your trained Ashi therapist will stand on the table, using bars suspended on the ceiling for balance, and will deliver the massage with her feet. With the assistance of gravity and precise training, the therapist achieves a level of pressure that is not only deep but smooth and luxurious as well. 

45-60 Minutes

$65/ 85

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Ayurvedic Massage in Greensburg, PA

Ayurvedic- Inspired Holistic Healing Massage

Experience this one-of-a-kind holistic massage, based on the principles of Ayurveda. Your session will begin with a full body dry brushing while you enjoy a wild herbal steam (herbs will be hand-selected for you, based on your individual consultation.) A holistic physical, emotional, and spiritual massage experience. Your session may include the following:

~Essential Oils

~Wild, Organic Herbal Steam Treatment

~Full Body Brushing


~Abdominal Massage w/ warm Ayurvedic oils


~Tibetan singing bowl

90 / 120 Minutes

$120 /150  

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Couples Massage 

Enjoy a Couples Massage with the one you love!

All sessions include:

~Massage for TWO in our Couples Massage Suite by Candlelight

~Complimentary Aromatherapy

~Complimentary Beverages 

~Relax in our Relaxation Room before and after your session




Pregnancy Massage Specialists in Greensburg, PA

For 15 years, our Pregnancy Massage Specialists have been delivering safe and effective massage therapy for our Mamas-to-Be. Each of our Pregnancy Massage Therapists has received advanced training in Pregnancy Massage techniques so you can be assured that your experience will not only be amazing but safe as well.  Pregnancy Massage is perfect for: sciatic pain, low back pain, neck and shoulder tension, round ligament discomfort, pregnancy-related swelling, labor preparation and stress-relief. 

What makes our PREGNANCY MASSAGE different?

60-90 Minutes

$85 / $115

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Postpartum Massage and Support in Greensburg, PA

In Eastern cultures, it is customary to massage the new Mommy daily for the first few months, while caring for her, her home, and allowing her to heal, tend to baby and rest. In the states, new mothers are often pressured to return to work quickly, get fit quickly, and quickly resume duties of taking care of everyone and everything. The result is often postpartum depression and postpartum anxiety. 

Our Postpartum Massage is an opportunity for the new mother to take care of herself. Please take time for you! If you find yourself struggling with feelings of depression or anxiety, ask for help. It is normal and it is okay and support is available. Our team of massage therapists will happily travel to your home for massage if that is more convenient for you.

60-90 Minutes


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Fertility Massage in Greensburg, PA

Planning a pregnancy? Whether you have been trying for awhile or are simply getting started on your journey to motherhood, our Fertility Massage can help prepare your body for the healthiest pregnancy possible. While this massage is not designed to GET you pregnant, it is created to help you achieve the healthiest body possible so that conception can occur. During your initial visit, you will meet with Jenny Keffer, LMT, Licensed Fertility Massage Therapist and Fertility DOULA

During consultation, we will review your nutrition, lifestyle, charting, and your holistic conception options. Please allow 2- 2 1/2 hours for your first visit. 

Initial Visit: Holistic Fertility Consultation and Fertility Support Massage...2 hours...$199

Fertility Support Massage...90-Minutes...$99

Fertility Doula Services

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Greensburg Massage Specialists offer ACE Certified Massage Cupping

ACE Massage Cupping, also known as "vacuum therapy," provides, fast, effective, and affordable pain relief. Massage Cupping is a pleasant and non-invasive therapy that achieves powerful results. In fact, it is said that "5 minutes of Cupping is equivalent to 30-Minutes of Deep Tissue Massage." 

You have a busy life, you do not have time to be in pain-and yet, you cannot afford to ignore the pain either. 

Massage Cupping provides fast pain relief so that you can enjoy doing the things you love-pain free.

Complimentary w/ any scheduled Custom Massage Session

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